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What should I wear on this roadtrip?

Casual dress code on the Friday departure from Base of Operations at Menzies Headquarters, When we arrive and check into the accommodation, then themed TOP GUN attire is suggested.  White T-shirt, Jeans of your choosing, bar appropriate footwear.  Options include Bomber Jackets, Flight Jackets, Jet Fighter Flight Suit, Airforce themed Caps or Beanies, and a Moustache if you wish to do so.

There will be a Survival Pack issued to each team member, that will contain appropriate badges and stickers if you didn't organise anything.    

Saturday Night will be the same attire, so it is suggested to try and avoid vomiting or shitting your clothes.

What should I bring in the Van?

A weekend bag with enough clothes to cover the weekend, phone charger, toiletries, comfy shoes that will allow you to get into bars.  

A box of your favourite beverages/beers/premixes to drink on the Bus, and a bottle of your tried and tested Spirit to consume on Friday and Saturday.   For the Bus, please be courteous and dispose of your empties appropriately.

The Bus will make a short 15 min stop at The Mill Bottle Store before leaving Dunedin City Limits if you didn't organise any booze.  Please note there will be some delicious beverages the tour operators will supply you, to which is recommended to be consumed before reaching Queenstown.

What food will we eat?

On the Trip up to Queenstown, we will make stops at Lawrence, Alexandra and Cromwell for photo ops.  Lawrence has a dairy that sells Jimmys Pies, KFC in Alexandra and nothing in Cromwell.

We will be having Dinner at the Pig and Whistle Pub Restaurant at 7pm for those that want to have a dinner meal.

Prices are reasonable with the Delicious Cheeseburger and Rustic Cut Chips recommended at the best menu item.  It also has a pool table and SKYSports.

Saturday meals will be ad-hoc as we see fit, as we have alot of free time to do whatever we want and not have nagging families or partners asking us for the millionth time to feed the kids, sort the washing, pack the car etc 

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